Effectiveness in Implementing Automated Computer Aided-Design to the Drafting Students

Rialet B. Cabanos, Leyanne B. Lapuente, Mark – Jhon R. Prestoza


In this world, pool of skyrocketing innovations upon which people now are very dependent, became a really easy-life mode for us in such a way that things got easier to be created, manipulated and produced with lesser time and manual working. This is all because of the great people whom already contributed their inventions that made lives effortless. From the invention of the first computers up to this times well-known iPhones, from the black and white screens up to the plasma, touch screens and sound censored ones, and from the lacking-ability software up to what we are using now – the advance and still on the running in becoming more and more advance ones; is a real life changing event in the lives of everyone. CAD system is one of these software that made the architectural and engineering works easier.

Keywords: industrial companies, technology, design and engineering fields, etc.


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