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The concept of human-computer interaction is one of the most important fields of computer science. First of all, its importance consists in the fact that human-computer interaction has been developed to meet the needs in human life. This interaction in itself contains the physical, logical and conceptual interaction between man and the computer to achieve a certain goal. The greater involvement of this interaction has attracted the attention of the computer industry, but to reach this level it was necessary to simultaneously develop other aspects of technology. In the beginning computers were ready to be used only by professional people (their developers), while the rest had problems in using them. This has caused many complex calculations to be required to execute some simple commands. In this case, it has highlighted the problem that people have not had the knowledge to communicate with the computer properly. As the demands of the people increase, so does the focus of the technology industry on the greatest possible development of human-computer interaction, to enable people to communicate with technology and through it to gain support for the development of their human activities. The purpose of involving this interaction is to create technological equipment and systems which have a high degree of usability, security and functionality.

Keywords: Interaction, human, computer, design, HCI, HDI.

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