Bus Pass with QR Code

K. Nandhini, S. R. Snehapriya, M. Yugashini, D. Thamaraiselvi


The Bus Pass with QR Code scheme is a database-driven solution for managing bus pass information. People can get their bus passes online by using the web application provided by this scheme. People should obtain their bus passes electronically rather than standing in long queues. This approach reduces documentation, saves time, and allows the customer to access a bus pass quickly and easily. It's designed to be a low-cost way to keep track of bus pass information by using a QR code. The system has two logins: one for the user and one for the administrator. The controller has access to all of the user details across the account. Each user access would have a QR code that includes the user's details as well as the pass's validity.

Keywords: QR code, Sign in, Sign up, Admin, Renewal.

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